Upcoming US Tour: Faith Over Division

In partnership with the One America Movement, JYC is proudly returning to the US for four new shows. We can't wait to share our songs and stories live in New York City, Chicago, Santa Fe, and Dallas, live-streamed with you, wherever you may be. Learn more and buy your tickets now!

Our Singers in Their Own Voices

People often ask, "how does the chorus affect our singers outside of rehearsals and dialogue sessions?" We wanted to share some of our singers' own personal artistic expression that was inspired by their chorus experience, as well as whatever they want to share with you!

What Gives You Hope? - Shifra’s Senior Project, pdf file.

How to Mwall with the Jerusalem Youth Chorus.

Original song from JYC singer Talia Greifner, on our original album, Paintbrush.

Original song from JYC dialogue group, on our original album, Paintbrush.

Eden Alene, JYC graduate, made history as the first Ethiopian-Israeli to represent Israel in Eurovision. Her first song on TV was this viral X-Factor audition, in which she told the story of her time with JYC. Asked about her bracelets, she says, "Every bracelet symbolizes a person or an experience I have had in my life," and tells the judges about her 'Coexist' bracelet, "I was in a mixed choir, of Jews and Arabs, and we flew to the US, and when we performed at Yale, we received this bracelet." At the end, the judges tell Eden she is the best singer they've seen on the show.

Home - Aviv’s Saxophone Cover

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