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Order بيت home בית now! A full-length studio album produced by some of the best in the business, بيت home בית highlights the best of our music in a context that brings out the most expressive solos, driving rhythms, and crystal-clear harmonies our singers have to share. Check it out!

Transcending conflict through song.Watch the music video for Yihiyeh Beseder from our new album!

Empowering youth from East and West Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Youth Chorus empowers young singers to become leaders for peace in their communities by providing a space where they can engage one another in musical and verbal dialogue. Through this combination of high level music-making and interpersonal engagement, the Jerusalem Youth Chorus seeks to create a life-changing experience for its members. The results shine onstage and have inspired audiences in Jerusalem and world-over since our founding in 2012.

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Imagine: Hearing yourself on the radio! Touring the world! Speaking English! Meeting new people! Having fun! Sharing stories! Making music videos! If you are a high school student in Jerusalem who likes to sing and wants to make a difference, join the Jerusalem Youth Chorus!

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Help us change the dynamics of the Israeli-Palestinian relationship through song.

You can give to the Jerusalem Youth Chorus through Seeds of Peace, so your gift is tax-deductible.

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Share Your Skills

Whether you can join us in Jerusalem or not, you can contribute in-kind to our work! From on-the-ground work with our singers to remote video editing and everything in between, there are many ways to partner with us!

If you are interested in sharing your skills, please send your resume or bio, as well as a brief cover letter with your ideas for collaboration, to info@jerusalemyouthchorus.org.

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The Jerusalem Youth Chorus is inspired by Seeds of Peace.

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For more information please contact us at info@jerusalemyouthchorus.org.

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