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Share Your Skills

Whether you can join us in Jerusalem or not, you can contribute in-kind to our work! There are many ways that people have partnered with us in the past:



  • Helping lead rehearsals
  • Teaching music lessons (voice, theory, or instrumental)
  • Running workshops for the chorus


  • Gathering material for chorus social media output
  • Assisting our community-building and leadership-training work
  • Translating writing to and from English, Hebrew, and Arabic

OAK comes to JYC


  • Providing Video Editing for Music Videos & Documentary Film
  • Providing Grant-Writing to Support our Programs
  • Connecting us with more people and organizations around the world who want to partner with us or support our work!

If you are interested in sharing your skills, please send your resume or bio, as well as a brief cover letter with your ideas for collaboration, to

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